All classes are held at Kent House, Armidale, from 5:30 to 7pm.

Please feel free to try a class in order to determine your level. 

There will be no charge for attending the first lesson.

On attending a second lesson it will be assumed that you have committed to the Semester and full fees for the Semester will be payable. 

The Alliance commits to a full year of rent, insurance, salaries etc. Our mission is to provide a high quality environment for the learning of French and the enjoyment of French culture and civilisation. A strong financial foundation is essential in order to achieve this mission.

Please email us if you wish to make any enquiries concerning fees and courses. 

Beginners means just that – please come along whether you have learned any French in your life or not!

If the term has already started, pro rata arrangements can be made for the fees. Please email us if you wish to make an enquiry.

Not sure in which class to enrol? Follow these guidelines, come and participate in a class and decide if it is the right one for you. We welcome inspections and questions! 

Please click here to access the enrolment form (please ignore the dates at the top – our teachers have spare copies of this form) or contact us via email.