Allaince Francisie Armidale


We teach French to adults and to HSC French Speaking Skills candidates.


We run social activities such as the French Film Festival, Bastille Day Celebration etc throughout the year.


Become a member and you will enjoy a range of benefits including discounts to some social activities.

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Our Classes

Have you learnt French at school and now you’re a bit rusty? Do you plan on travelling to France or have decided to learn a new language? Then come and join our fun classes in small groups.

We have fantastic, enthusiastic teachers and a great learning atmosphere.

$280 per Semester or $140 per eight week Term at Kent House, Faulkner St.

Beginners, Mondays Intermediate Tuesdays Advanced Wednesdays

Term 4 begins in the week of Monday, 4th October and ends on Wednesday 1st December, 2021.

5:30 to 7pm

Not sure if this is for you, or what level would suit you best? Come and talk to our teachers at one of the classes or contact us at